Our Journey

  • Started the production and export of Field Hockey Sticks, Table Tennis, Tennis Rackets in Sialkot under the brand name Dita in 1974 by Mr. Aftab Iqbal.
  • Focused on Field Hockey Sticks and developed wood composite sticks.
    MSI process developed which revolutionized the market.
  • Machine Procurement and training of Pre-Preg technology from Malaysia.
  • Additional training from China, Europe, and Taiwan.
  • Started research and development on CNTs. Research partners with the University of Delft, The Netherlands on CNNs. Became the first company to sell CNN infused composite products in the world.
  • Designed and developed Pakistan’s first bicycle frame. Winner of the Brand-new award at Bike Expo 2011 Munich, Germany.
  • Co-founded Vanhawks in Canada. Redesigned the bicycle frame. Accepted at MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, Canada, and then to Founder Fuel, Montreal, Canada. Raised CAD$ 820,083 on Kickstarter and became the highest crowdfunded campaign from Canada.
    Successfully raised another CAD$1.75 Million at seed round.
  • Became the sole manufacturer and owner of Dita brand in Pakistan.

What helped us grow our expertise in Composites

  • Working with the top brand and innovative product manager to push the boundaries further.
  • Collaborating on technology with companies from Europe, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
  • Collaborations with universities, research centers, and local/international organizations.
  • International Expos, symposiums, conferences, and seminars.
  • Working with the best composite equipment manufacturers and best material suppliers.

Team selection and expertise build-up

  • Contracts with qualified professors and research professionals.
  • Hired Professional Designers and Business experts.
  • Dedicated, Loyal, and trained workers force. 

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The Founder

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